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Convert and download youtube videos to mp3 online

Sounds and sound effects are significantly needed in video editing. Although the Internet is filled with a wide variety of materials, it is not always possible to find what you need. At the same time, there is YouTube, which is full of videos with suitable sounds, but they are recorded in video format, unacceptable for editing. Therefore, you need a YouTube mp3 converter.

Yt to mp3 is a service that will allow you to convert videos into mp3 format without losing quality. You don't need to do anything extra to use it. No registration, no subscriptions to mailing lists, and most importantly free of charge. Having entered the site, you can immediately get down to business. The site supports any device, be it tablets or smartphones.

Downloading YouTube videos for personal use is legal. However, in order to use the audio tracks for commercial purposes, you need to obtain permission, otherwise, your content will be blocked. This does not apply to videos that are created specifically for the interchange of sounds.

How to use it?

To convert YouTube video to mp3 follow these instructions:

  1. Find the video you are interested in;
  2. Copy the link to it and paste it on the special line on the website;
  3. Press “convert” and wait until the end of process;
  4. Click “download”. The algorithm will create itself YouTube mp3 download link.

A feature is that multi-threaded download is supported, which substantially speeds up the download and conversion process.

Service benefits

Download mp3 from YouTube to add variety to your content. For example, in the moments of action, add the sound of a blow or swing, which will decorate the sound component and entertain the audience.


For proper operation, you need to select a video from YouTube or video in mp4. The service will automatically convert it to mp3 format, which is most used in video editing.

Get mp3 files through our service without any restrictions and add new colors to your content. Easy mp3 from YouTube.